Sunday, April 3, 2011

Illuminati card game and how they predict future

According with Benjamin Fullford HAARP will be used on 4.11.11 to cause  Mount Fujiyama Volcano to erupt.

Today we will discuss in particular a few powerful cards: The population control which has been brought to my attention by Terri, one of my readers and the Tidal Wave. If you want to know more about those jump directly at the bottom of the page after the last pictures

There are many disaster cards in this game, earthquake and nuclear we had already talked about, but it doesn''t mean is over, the diseases are too many so we will dedicate a post by itself for that. So look at this cards and what we see is war, natural disasters, volcanoes, tornadoes, flood, atomic "accidents"  with the ultimate goal of bringing chaos and population reduction. So the war is already started, the natural disasters don't seem to bee so natural  and there is a hand of madness just like in this cards inflicting pain to mother Earth, and you better believe it. This cards, too many too count are reflecting recent events and they were printed in 1995, so I am certain that they have been created with the help of psychics. And why Not? why will it seem so impossible to you when CIA employs physics for their benefit why not others as well?
We are conditioned to believe that everything else besides our horse view reality is "imaginary" and you know why ? because they made movies about it and if it ever crosses your mind that the weird may be possible you will discard that thought immediately because this was just in the movies. But who owns "Hollywood"?, same people who own the media, our government, IMF, NATO etc.
So how long it will take for them to accomplish their goal? Well, it has been in motion for many years and it is not to stop till the stars are right to invoke their demons. We are in the hands of a powerful dark cabal and you better accept this and the only way you can defend your self is to start knowing your enemy.
Here are some more cards:

The Population Reduction as it was pointed to me by my reader shows the image of a city that looks similar with Perth, Australia. Australia has been under floods twice this year and we don't know what else is in store for them. I honestly don't have any opinion on that card as it seems to me as a general goal toward the population of the earth rather to target one area in particular, but for sure the goal will be achieved by targeting a lot more areas.
The other card, I have seen it in Above Top Secret site and somebody mentioned that the Tidal wave card has a tower that looks very similar with the Monas Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia. So this is very scary and I am expecting this to take place in a very near future.
To all my readers once again do not fear the future, no matter how mad it looks, I am not your churchgoing person as you might think but I believe in GOD, not in the religion that is presented to us altered and that has been abused by everybody over time, just in GOD, the creator of all thinks, and he wants us not to fear, have love in our hearts. The fear and the anger is what the dark side wants, that is why they create this chaos.

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INFOMAMA said...

On 4.11.11, just right after I finished my post( it seemed so earie) an earthquake had hit Indonesia and a tsunami alert was issued, so many had run for a higher ground. The tsunami didn't come, so this is maybe just a coincidence but it was sure scary.